RFS Award Winners at the Cavalcade

Photos from the SFS Cavalcade are now available on the conference website.

David Thesmar, Michael Brennan Best Paper Award winner, with Executive Editor Itay Goldstein

Stefano Giglio, Best Paper Runner Up winner, with Executive Editor Itay Goldstein












Joseph Kalmenovitz, Rising Scholar winner, with Executive Editor Itay Goldstein

Editor Tarun Ramadorai presents Isaac Hacamo with the Hillcrest Best Paper in Behavioral Finance award

Editor Tarun Ramadorai presents Joan Farre-Mensa with the Referee of the Year award

Advisory Editor

We are pleased to welcome Peter C. Mueller to the advisory editor team. Peter is a fourth year PhD candidate in finance at the University of Oklahoma.

We thank Tengfei Zhang for his service in the advisory editor role, and wish him the best of luck in his new role as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Rutgers School of Business–Camden.

Twitter Update

We combined our journal Twitter accounts to create a central location for news about the SFS journals and conferences! The handle @RevOfFinStudies is now @SFSjournals. The handles @RevOfCorpFin and @RevOfAssetPric are now archives.

Follow @SFSjournals on Twitter for news about RFS, RAPS, RCFS, and the SFS Cavalcade conferences.

Editorial Team Changes

We are pleased to share that Holger Mueller and Manju Puri have been renewed for second terms as editors.

We are grateful to our retiring associate editors:

Manuel Adelino
Carola Frydman
Xavier Giroud
Camelia Kuhnen
Anna Pavlova

And we welcome our incoming associate editors:

Jaewon Choi (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Wenxin Du (University of Chicago)
Michael Ewens (California Institute of Technology)
Edith Hotchkiss (Boston College)
Sabrina T. Howell (New York University)
Doron Levit (University of Washington)
Alan Moreira(University of Rochester)
Adi Sunderam (Harvard Business School)

Changes are effective July 1.

Video Message Celebrating 35 Years of the SFS

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the SFS, we’ve created a video message featuring our founders and some of our past Presidents. This video, which played at lunch at the SFS Cavalcade conference, answers the question: Why is it called the Cavalcade? Featuring:

George Constantinides, Founding Member & President 1991-1994
Chester Spatt, Founding Member & President 1994-1997
Michael Brennan, Founding Member & President 1997-1999
Milton Harris, President 1999-2002
Ravi Jagannathan, President 2002-2005
Matthew Spiegel, President 2014-2017, Founder of the SFS Cavalcade