Editor’s Choice: August

The Editor’s Choice article for August 2015 (issue 28/8) is “Shareholder Voting and Corporate Governance Around the World” by Peter Iliev, Karl V. Lins, Darius P. Miller, and Lukas Roth. You can read the article free online here.

Associate Editor Changes

Beginning today, July 1, RFS welcomes the following Associate Editors: Hui Chen, Todd Gormley, Zhiguo He, Gerard Hoberg, Victoria Ivashina, Dirk Jenter, Amiyatosh Purnanandam, and Paul Tetlock.

We thank our retiring Associate Editors: Peter Christoffersen, Mariassunta Giannetti, Eitan Goldman, John Griffin, Wei Jiang, Simi Kedia, and Berk Sensoy.

Editor’s Choice: July

The Editor’s Choice article for July 2015 (issue 28/7) is “Confusion of Confusions: A Test of the Disposition Effect and Momentum” by Justin Birru. You can read the article free online here.