Winners of the RFS Awards

The winners of the RFS Awards were announced at the Awards Reception on Tuesday, May 19, at the SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference. We are pleased to now share the winners:

Distinguished Referee Award 
Zhi Da, Doron Levit, Andrey Malenko, Gregory Nini, Adi Sunderam, Sheri Tice, and Liyan Yang

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award
“High-Frequency Trading and Price Discovery” by Jonathan Brogaard, Terrence Hendershott, and Ryan Riordan
Prize: $20,000

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Runner Up
“Financial Market Dislocations” by Paolo Pasquariello
Prize: $5000

Referee of the Year 
Paolo Pasquariello
Prize: $1000

Rising Scholar Award 
“Capital Account Opening and Wage Inequality” by Mauricio Larrain
Prize: $5000

Congratulations to all our award winners!

For past award history, please visit our Awards page.

LaTeX Style Files Now Available

We are happy to announce that our publisher has made LaTeX style files available to help authors format their papers according to RFS style. You can reach the files on our publisher’s web site or on our web site under Accepted Papers. Please note: these files are for formatting your accepted paper. When submitting a paper, you will still need to follow the guidelines for submissions.

Please contact Jaclyn with any feedback regarding the new files.

Editor’s Choice: May & June

The Editor’s Choice article for May 2015 (issue 28/5) is “New Evidence on the Financialization of Commodity Markets” by Brian J. HendersonNeil D. Pearsonand Li Wang. You can read the article free online here.

The Editor’s Choice article for June 2015 (issue 28/6) is “Capital Account Opening and Wage Inequality” by Mauricio Larrain. You can read the article free online here.

RFS Awards to be Announced May 19th

We’ll be announcing the winners of this year’s RFS awards at the Awards Reception held on May 19th at Cavalcade 2015. The RFS Awards include the Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award Winner & Runner Up, the Rising Scholar Award, the RFS Referee of the Year Award, and RFS Distinguished Referee Awards. To see winners from previous years, visit RFS Awards.

Upcoming Keynote Speech

RFS Editor Itay Goldstein will be the keynote speaker at the conference on The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Financial Reform hosted jointly by the Center for Financial Policy at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and The Clearing House. The conference will be held May 11, 2015. For more, click here.