Winners of the RFS Awards

The winners of the RFS Awards were announced at the Awards Reception at SFS Cavalcade North America. We are pleased to now share the winners:

Distinguished Referee Award 
Michelle Lowry, Philipp Schnabl, Clemens Sialm

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award
“Who Facilitated Misreporting in Securitized Loans?”
John M. Griffin and Gonzalo Maturana
Prize: $20,000

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Runner Up
“Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Class”
Manuel Adelino, Antoinette Schoar, and Felipe Severino
Prize: $5000

Referee of the Year 
Thierry Foucault
Prize: $1000

Rising Scholar Award 
“Do Firms Engage in Risk Shifting?”
Erik Gilje
Prize: $5000

Congratulations to all our award winners!

For past award history, please visit our Awards page.

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