RFS Editor Manju Puri Testified Before the House Committee on Small Business

RFS Editor Manju Puri testified before the Committee on Small Business, U.S. House of Representatives, in a review of the Paycheck Protection Program on March 16, 2022. Her testimony was based on her research paper “Small Bank Financing and Funding Hesitancy in a Crisis: Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program.” Her research suggests that small banks are more agile at disbursing PPP. Firms with small bank relationships were likely to gain early PPP access and face less crowding out by larger firms in getting PPP funds sooner.

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Tiered Submission Fees

As part of our continued effort to increase access for authors worldwide, the SFS is implementing tiered submission fees for our journals. Authors who reside in middle-income economies will be eligible to pay a reduced submission fee and authors who reside in low-income economies will be eligible for a fee waiver. While our journals have always offered some waivers for economic hardship, we have now formally defined the waiver options to increase transparency.