New Editor Appointment

The RFS is pleased to announce the appointment of Wei Jiang as an editor of the Review, beginning January 1, 2017. Wei is Professor of Free and Competitive Enterprise as well as Vice Dean for Curriculum and Instruction at Columbia Business School. She previously served as an Associate Editor for the Review as well as the SFS Cavalcade Conference Chair in 2015. Please join us in welcoming Wei to her new role.

RFS Article Featured in Forbes

A paper published in RFS issue 29(3), “The Fetal Origins Hypothesis in Finance: Prenatal Environment, the Gender Gap, and Investor Behavior,” by Henrik Cronqvist, Alessandro Previtero, Stephan Siegel, and Roderick E. White, was featured in Forbes in a piece titled, “Stunning Discovery: Prebirth Experiences May Influence Our Financial Decisions.” Read the article online here.

Executive Editor Blog: Ownership and Corporate Financial Policy: Separating Causation from Correlation

A new installment of Andrew Karolyi’s Executive Editor blog is now available. This month’s feature, “Ownership and Corporate Financial Policy: Separating Causation from Correlation,” examines “The Effect of Institutional Ownership on Payout Policy: Evidence from Index Thresholds” by Alan Crane, James Weston, and Sébastien Michenaud. Visit the RFS Executive Editor Blog to read the post.

Editor’s Choice: July

The Editor’s Choice article for July 2016 (issue 29/7) is “Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Classs” by Manuel Adelino, Antoinette Schoar, and Felipe Severino. You can read the article free online here.


Winners of the RFS Awards

The winners of the RFS Awards were announced at the Awards Reception on Tuesday, May 17, at the SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference. We are pleased to now share the winners:

Distinguished Referee Award 
Kenneth Ahern, Ing-Haw Cheng, Ran Duchin, Charles Hadlock, Victoria Ivashina, Justin Murfin, Alexi Savov, and Denis Sosyura

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award
“The Real Effects of Hedge Fund Activism: Productivity, Asset Allocation, and Labor Outcomes”
Alon Brav, Wei Jiang, and Hyunseob Kim
Prize: $20,000

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Runner Up
“Shadow Banking and Bank Capital Regulation”
Guillaume Plantin
Prize: $5000

Referee of the Year 
Amiyatosh Purnanandam
Prize: $1000

Rising Scholar Award 
“Valuing Changes in Political Networks: Evidence from Campaign Contributions to Close Congressional Elections”
Pat Akey
Prize: $5000

Congratulations to all our award winners!

For past award history, please visit our Awards page.